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Adding Players to Your Network

How do I add a Player? Players (External and LG/Samsung Smart Screens) can be added as and when required, but also way in advance before Players have even been shipped. This allows content to be created and scheduled in advance of installation so that when the Players are switched on and configured, you can have the correct content pop up straight away on the correct Players.

Please note

Subject to available Players licenses being allocated to your Network. Please contact your EngagePHD representative to purchase Player licenses.

Add a new player to your network

1) Click on ‘Players’ from the Home page.
2) Click on ‘Create New’ (If you do not have licenses allocated to your Network you will be prompted with this message: “Can not add another player, license is restricted‘)Instructions for adding the following supported Players:

Setup Guides for Smart Displays

Setup Guides for External Players

Updated on July 29, 2019

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