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Network Requirements / Firewall Configuration

EngagePHD simply needs access to the Internet in order for your Players (be it Samsung SoC Displays, LG webOS Displays, Panasonic Android Displays, Philips Android Displays, External Android Media Players or External Windows Players) to connect to the EngagePHD Cloud to receive content and perform scheduled health checks.   However you may have the need to ‘lock down’ your firewall.  Below you will find the information needed to configure your firewall.

If you do want to lock down your firewall, then the following needs to be allowed through your firewall:

  • go.engagephd.com –
  • go.pinghd.com –
  • uploads.engagephd.com –
  • firmware.engagephd.com –
  • samsung.engagephd.com – (used for Samsung Remote)
  • Ports 80 & 443 and if using Samsung Remote allow 7001 & 7002

Cenique Players

BrightSign BSN.cloud:

The initial player provisioning process and BSN.cloud Control Cloud require access to these servers (by DNS) for either Ping HD Managed BSN.cloud players or your own BSN.cloud players:

  • *.bsn.cloud
  • *.brightsignnetwork.com
  • *.amazonaws.com
  • *.netsuite.com

The following only needs to be allowed if ‘Users‘ want to preview the Layouts/Players in their web browsers.  Occasionally IT departments like to place the Players on their own VLAN, but Users can login in from anywhere that they can get they laptop, desktop, tablet or smart phone online.  If the corporate LAN where Users typically log in to managed their EngagePHD Digital Signage network is locked down, then the following should also be opened:

Synchronized Content

If there is a requirement to synchronize content across multiple screens/players then the LAN/VLAN must allow UDP traffic and IGMP Snooping V3.  It is also required that no other equipment other than the screens/players are on the same LAN/VLAN if you want to synchronize.

STP should be enabled.

Updated on April 14, 2020

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