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​Member Pricing/Discount

​‘Member Price’ Mapping will calculate a member price based on a % off the standard price. The % discount is defined in the Network Properties.
Once the % is set, the Product Table in the Layout Designer will allow you to set up the formatting of how you would like the text to display in the Product Table.

Set the Member Discount from the Network Settings

1) From the navigation, click on the ‘Settings’ icon.
2) Click on the ‘Integration‘ tab.
3) Add the percentage for your Member Discount.
4) Click ‘Save‘.

Add the Member Pricing Cell to the Product Table

1) Go to the Layout Designer for the layout you would like to add Member Pricing.
2) Double-click on the Product Table.
3) Click on any of the cells in the row, and click on the ‘Add Cell to Row‘ button to add a new cell for your Member Pricing.
4) Use the ‘Field‘ dropdown to select the Member Price formatting you want to use.
5) Click on the ‘Cell Style’ option to select a font style for your new cell.
6) Click on the ‘Apply Table Cell‘ button to save these changes.
7) Adjust the Row Spacing as needed.
Updated on September 29, 2019

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