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How to Copy Application Pages using Layout Properties

If you would like to make exact copies of your Application pages, there’s a trick you use with the Layout Properties to copy a Page as a Layout. You would then need to convert the Layout to a Page and ensure the Properties are correct.

1) From the navigation, click on Applications.

2) Scroll down to the Pages section and find the page you want to copy. Before copying the page, it’s a good idea to click on the ‘Properties’ of the page and make note of the settings (Template, Timeout; etc..) as you will need to enter this on the copied version:

3) Back at the main Applications page, click on the page description or ‘Designer‘ (to the right of the page). This will open the Designer:

3) Click on the ‘Return to Layout Properties’ icon from the toolbar:

This will open the Layout Properties.

4) Click on the ‘Copy’ button:

5) The page will refresh and you will see (copy) in the name. This indicates that the page has copied successfully. You can now rename the page and click ‘Save‘:

6) This will save the page under the Layouts section of the software. Click on on the ‘Properties‘ icon and click the ‘Convert to Application Page‘ button, then click ‘OK‘:

7) This will open the Page settings where you can select the correct Template, Timeout Mode; etc. to match the page that you copied. Click ‘Save‘ when done:


If you’re not sure about these settings, go back to the main Applications page and click on the ‘Properties’ of the page you copied initially and make note of the settings:



Updated on August 4, 2020

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