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Player Setup: Philips D-Series Custom App Installation Guide

The following steps were provided through the guidance of Philips Signage Solutions.

You will need the Philips IR remote that came with your Philips D-Series display to navigate the menus in the steps below. 


1) Download the EngagePHD apk file at: https://go.engagephd.com/EngagePHD.apk

2) Copy your “.apk” file to the root of a USB flash drive (Note:  Supported valid file formats are FAT, FAT32, EXT3, and EXT4)

3) Insert the USB. The USB Flash drive must be installed into the USB Data port – which is the rearmost port – closer to the back cover. (The other port is power only – normally covered.)

4) Press Home icon on the remote + 1888

  •  – 1 – 8 – 8 – 8
  • to enter the Android menu
  • Select Apps
  • Then select File Manager

5) Select “mnt

6) Then select Open

7) Select “usb_storage

8) Then select Open

9) Select your .apk file

10) The select Open

11) Scroll down to accept permissions

12) Then select Install

13) When done, scroll down and select Done

14) Now that your app is installed: If you want this app to be your default content at turn-on, there are two additional steps you must perform:

  • Set this app as the “Custom input source
  • Set the “Custom input source” as the “Boot-on source

15) Set the Custom Input Source:

  • Enter Android Menu:
    Press Home + 1888 on the RC

– 1 – 8 – 8 – 8  to enter the Android menu

  • Select Settings

16) Select “Signage Display

17) Select “Custom app

18) Select “Select app

19) This will pop up a list of installed apps:

20) Select the app you want to assign to the “Custom” input source. Then Select “Save”:

21) Exit the Android menu. Press the Back button  several times
until the Android menu is exited completely.

22) Set the “Boot on source”:

  • Enter the Scaler menu
  • Press the Home  button on the remote control

23) Set Configuration 1 / Boot on source to Custom:

Scroll down to “Configuration 1

Scroll right and down to “Boot on source” and select it

Scroll right or left to select input “Custom


This will complete this setup.

Updated on April 1, 2019

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