Player Setup: Samsung PMT (Tizen)

The following instructions outline the configuration process for Samsung Tizen displays.

The models supported are limited to:

PM-Series (e.g. PM49F or PM49H)

OH-F (the – is substituted with the actual display size, e.g. PM49F would be the 49” model)

If you have not yet added players to the Players section of your Network, please follow these instructions on Adding Players as Engage Channel ID’s will be needed as a part of the setup process.

Once you have unpacked and mounted the screen, connect it to the network via an Ethernet Cable (Hardwired connection is recommended). When you are ready, switch the screen on and follow the on-screen setup guide as detailed below using the remote control that is supplied with the screen:


Player Setup

1) Choose the required Menu Language, and press the ‘Enter’ button on the IR remote control.
2) Choose whether this display will be installed ‘Landscape (horizontally)’ or ‘Portrait (vertically)’ and press the ‘Enter’ button on the IR remote control.
3) Your display will now attempt to detect your network (Internet Connection). If your LAN (Local Area Network) is set up for DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol aka Automatic) then the display will detect this and will verify that the display is connected to the Internet. If you need to assign a static IP address or attach the display to a Wi-Fi network you will be able to select the required access point and enter in the required credentials. Note: If no network cable is connected at this stage, you won’t be able to select Wired, but you will be able to configure for Wi-Fi.
4) ‘Configure your TV’, MAKE SURE YOU SELECT ‘I Don’t Receive a TV Signal’ unless you have a coax cable that carry’s TV programming connected to the display and want to wrap digital signage content.
See for further information.
5) Set the correct ‘Date’ and ‘Time’ and then arrow right to continue.
6) ‘Play via’ must be set to ‘URL Launcher’. Press the ‘Enter’ button on the IR remote control. You will then be prompted to enter the URL. Please enter (if the screen is in portrait, enter URL as Once entered, click Done on the pop up keyboard. Press the right Arrow on the IR remote control to continue.
7) Set Device Name, press the right Arrow on the IR remote control to continue, just select next leaving User Input as the checked option. Then press the ‘Enter’ button on the IR remote control to exit out of the Setup process.
8) Finally press the ‘Home’ button on the IR remote control and select ‘URL Launcher’. You will be prompted to enter a unique Engage Channel ID that will look like 721-10069 (make sure you include the – (dash) in the code). IF YOU ARE NOT PROMPTED HIT THE INFO BUTTON 4 TIMES ON THE REMOTE. The actual Engage Channel ID you need to use can be found by logging into your EngagePHD network at, selecting the Players option and selecting the ‘Player’ record where you will see the Engage Channel ID as shown below:

Once the display has been connected to the software, a “Congratulations” splash page will appear, unless content has been schedule to the player in advance.



1) Using the IR remote, press the ‘Menu‘ button.

2) Select ‘System‘ > ‘Power‘.

3) Ensure all options are ‘Off‘.

4) Go back to the ‘System‘ menu and look for ‘Eco Solution‘.

5) Ensure that Eco settings are turned off.


Schedule content from the Home page > ScheduleScheduling Content To Your Players 

Updated on February 20, 2022

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