Wayfinding can be used in layouts or Application Pages to create an interactive  experience for users. The steps below will walk through creating your Wayfinding application. Please also see the step-by-step video for a full tutorial experience.

1) From the Home page, click on the ‘Asset Library’ to upload your wayfinding map JPEG from the ‘Upload Media‘ tab.

2) Once the file has finished uploading, click on the file to open the media details page. From here, click on the ‘Wayfinding‘ icon:

3) The first Room added is the starting point. Click on the ‘Destination‘ button to add your button. Drag the button where you want it on the map and resize it if needed. Keep the grey line horizontal – either side will be the marker that the Path needs to connect with:

4) Create your first end room by clicking on the ‘Destination‘ button again to add another room. Place the room and resize if needed.

To draw the path to a Room, click on the ‘Path‘ button and click the mouse on the line on the right or left of the grey line marker on the Room. If a line is already started, see note below for another Room. Do not drag mouse when drawing path. Click to start a new line on the path.

5) When done drawing path, hit the ‘Enter‘ key and you should be on the right or left of a Destination. Then click the ‘Path‘ again button so it is gray and not blue.

To remove any paths or destinations, you can click on the line or button and click on the ‘Remove Selected‘ button. You can also move or adjust lines and rooms if need.
6) All paths do not need to start with the first Room, you can click at the end of the line for it to go a new direction to another room. Repeat the steps above to create all Paths needed.
7) Use the Room Color to enter a Hex code for your room color. Click here for a Hex Color Code Guide.
8) From your Layout or Touchscreen Page Designer, the ‘Wayfinding‘ icon will add your Wayfinding Map to the layout. Preview the layout to interact with the map.