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You can reach us by emailing or calling directly, or submit the support form below.



  • Please enter the name of your network account.
  • If applicable, please include the names of Players, Layouts or Playlists. Providing as much detail as possible will help our team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Media Storage

How much media storage does EngagePHD offer?

EngagePHD digital signage network gives you access to unlimited cloud media storage.

Supported Media Players

Can I use any media player with EngagePHD?

EngagePHD was designed to work with a wide range of media players and displays. We fully support LG’s webOS platform, Samsung SSP, BrightSign, Windows 10, Windows 7, Apple IOS and displays running the latest Android OS Click here for a list of supported players.


Does EngagePHD offer one-on-one or group training sessions? 

Yes, our team can provide training via a GoToMeeting call. For more information and for information on how to schedule a training call, please email training@engagephd.com or fill out our support contact form above.