Reader Boards & Wayfinding

Digital reader boards or digital message boards give you the flexibility to communicate a wide variety of messaging. Reader boards come in many different shapes and sizes. Their main purpose always serves to inform and educate your audience.

Meeting Room Signage

The Events section of the software allows you to manually add events information, or integrate with Google or Outlook calendars, or integration through supported event management software.

Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising can be achieved by adding full screen images or videos to Playlists. Alternatively, the Advertising module can be utilized to create ad campaigns for paid advertising slots.  

Digital Wayfinding

Wayfinding allows you to help direct your customers. This guide walks through design ideas using the Layout Designer and various Widgets

Creating Meeting Room (Events) Signage

Step 1) Create Events

The Events module is used where you have Room Signs and or Wayfinding based Digital Signage where you want to show what Event is happening in the room and/or the next Event to take place in the room where the display is installed. 

Step 2) Create the Layout Design

The Layout Designer allows you to create the overall design look of your event signage. 

Step 3) Assign Rooms to Players

Once your Events and Rooms have been created you will need to assign Rooms to Players. 

Step 4) Schedule the Event Layout to Players

Once your Layout design has been created, you will need to use the Schedule under the Layouts menu to connect the Layout to one of more of your Players. 

Creating Digital Advertising Using Playlists

Fullscreen Playlists

Static JPEG or PNG images you create can easily be uploaded to the EngagePHD software and added to playlists. The images can then be scheduled where dayparting is needed. Click here for our video on using fullscreen images in a playlist.
MP4 videos are also supported in playlists. Before uploading your videos to the software, we recommend using HandBrake Video Encoder below to re-encode your videos to the optimal format for playback on your Players . ​Here is the direct download link HandBrake Downloads.


Using the Advertising Module

The Advertising Module has been designed to allow users to manage advertising content/networks in a more advanced manner than just using a standard Playlist. Users can define rules relating to Playlist length/number of Assets and schedule Advertising Campaigns based on slot availability and location by Advertising Group or distance by geo location.

Creating Wayfinding Signage

Wayfinding can be used in EngagePHD Layouts or Application Pages to create an interactive experience for users. This video will walk through creating your Wayfinding application.