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Configuring a Preconfigured Samsung SSP (QM, QB, DBJ) with EngagePHD

For Samsung screens that have been powered on and previously set up, please follow the steps below to configure with the EngagePHD app.

  1. With the screen powered on, press the “Menu” button on the remote and scroll down to “Network“.
  2. Once in Network, please ensure the screen is set up with either a wired internet connection, or wireless internet connection.
  3. Once the internet connection is established, press the “Return” button on your remote get to back to the first menu screen.
  4. Select “System“, and scroll down to “Play Via” and set the option to “URL Launcher
  5. After URL Launcher is selected, press “Exit” to close all menu screens and then press the “Home” button located above the UP arrow
  6. A toolbar will appear on the bottom of the screen and select the second option of “URL Launcher Settings” and then also select “Install Web App
  7. Using the keyboard on screen insert http://go.engagephd.com/a if your screens are in LANDSCAPE orientation and http://go.engagephd.com/b if your screens are in PORTRAIT orientation.

**if your screens are in portrait, please click here to contact support and we will confirm all settings are correct.

  1. Once the correct URL has been entered, select “done” on the keyboard. If a “Downloading URL” screen does not appear right away, scroll down and hit “Done” to exit the URL Launcher Settings. If a “Downloading URL” screen does not appear after that either. select the first toolbar option of “URL Launcher
  2. Our software will download to the screen and you will be taken to the channel ID screen. If you do not have a channel ID or do not see it loaded into your network, please contact your Ping HD representative.

**If the screen downloads and remains black, press the “Info” button 4 times to get to the blue EngagePHD screen.

  1. Using the numbers on the remote, start typing out the channel ID for the desired screen. The “-” is required and that button is left of the “0” button. Once the ID is input press the enter button between all the arrows and that screen is complete.

**If you make a mistake while entering the channel ID, press the Enter button, in the white box a “Invalid ID” message will appear and you will get to start over.

Updated on September 29, 2023

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