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EngagePHD App Installation via USB: LG webOS

The following instructions outline the application install process for LG webOS for Digital Signage displays using a USB thumb drive.

If you have not yet added players to the Players section of your Network, please follow these instructions on Adding Players as Channel ID’s will be needed as a part of the setup process.

You will need the LG remote as you follow the setup steps below:

Download the EngagePHD app: http://go.engagephd.com/lg4.zip
  1. Rename the file to scap_app.zip
  2. Copy scap_app.zip into USB root d:/procentric/scap/application/scap_app.zip
  3. Insert USB into dispay
  4. Press and hold the ‘Settings‘ button on the remote and press 8080 and press Enter. This will open the admin menu:
    • Turn fully qualified domain off
    • Set to Local
    • Update from USB
    • Let it complete, when successful, remove USB drive and restart screen
Updated on September 26, 2023

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