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Upload Quick Content to Players

To get an full screen image or video up on your screen quickly:

1) Click on the ‘Playlist’ icon from the navigation:

2) Click on the ‘Create New‘ button to create a new playlist.

3) Click on the ‘Upload Media’ tab.

4) Drag and drop or click the upload box to locate your file(s).

5) Once upload is complete, click on the ‘Assets’ tab.

6) Drag and drop the asset(s) into the playlist timeline at the bottom of the page.

Connecting (Scheduling) Your Playlist to your Players (Devices)

1) From the navigation, click on ‘Playlists‘ and select ‘Schedule‘.

2) Select the Playlist you want to Schedule and click ‘Next’.

3) Select the Player(s) you want to Schedule the Playlist and click ‘Next‘.

4) Select ‘Schedule Now‘ or ‘Select Date/Time‘ if you want to Schedule this Playlist to playback at any time in the future.

5) Create the schedule of when you would like content to start playing and when you would like content to end. Content to show on end allows you to select the action the player(s) should take when the schedule hits the End Date and Time.


Updated on February 28, 2022

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