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Touchscreen Capability with BrightSign Players

The following is a list of BrightSign players with the ability to be used with USB touchscreens (multi-touch and gesture technologies via HTML 5 content).

Source: BrightSign 10/2020:

  • XT1143
  • 4K1042
  • 4K1142
  • XD1033
  • XD1032
  • XD1132
  • XD1030
  • XD1230
  • HD1023
  • HD1022
  • LS423

Update as of 07/2023: 5 Series Models that are recently released with multi-touch screen interactions include only the following: HD5(XD235, XD1035), HC5(XC2055, XC4055)

XD5-datasheet.indd (brightsign.biz)

XC5-datasheet.indd (brightsign.biz)

Updated on July 18, 2023

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