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Instore Screen XKN229FA-9110 Screen Setup

Download the EngagePHD APK 

1) Download the APK file: shorturl.at/dCGM4

2) Add the APK to a blank USB thumb drive.

3) You will also need a USB mouse/keyboard and a USB hub (the display only has one USB port). Example: https://amzn.to/3ei9O3Y

4) After powering on the display, press the ESC key on the keyboard twice to exit adds.

5) Click on the circle with 6 dots in the far right of the screen to open the menu.


Uninstall the Advision App

1) To uninstall the Advision app, click on ‘APK install’ and then click on ‘Advision’ and click ‘Uninstall’. A popup will appear asking “Do you want to uninstall app”, select ‘OK’.


Install the EngagePHD APK 

1) Hit the ESC Key again to return to the APK installer menu and select ‘Install’.

2) Select ‘USB Memory’.

3) Select ‘Engagephd.apk’ after the app installs.

4) Select ‘Done’ from the popup.

5) Click on ESC twice on your keyboard to exit the APK installer app.

6) Select ‘Settings’.

7) Select ‘Network and Internet’. 

8) Select ‘WiFi’.

9) Select your WiFi network, enter your password and click ‘Next’, then click ‘Connect’.

10) Once you are connected press the ESC key on your keyboard 3 times to close the settings app.

11) Click in the EngagePHD icon and enter your Device Id and click the ‘OK’ button.The Device Id can be found from the ‘Players’ section of the software. If you haven’t added Players to your network yet, please follow the instructions below. 


Adding Players 

1) If you have not yet added Players to your network, go to ‘Players’ from the navigation. 

2) Click on the ‘Create New’ button and give your player(s) a description. This will create the Player Records and generate a Device Id for Step 11 above:

Updated on May 19, 2020

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