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Configuring the EngagePHD Windows App for Multiple Screens

The EngagePHD supports using a multi-output Windows player to drive content on multiple screens. The steps below walk through configuring the EngagePHD app to play content correctly. Please note: Each screen is considered a Player and would require purchase of an EngagePHD license for each screen. Please contact your EngagePHD representative for more information or to purchase additional licenses.

Adding Players 

Once licenses have been purchased and allocated, you can start adding players to the Players section of your network.
Please see: Adding Players to Your Network for steps on how to create your Player Records.

Install & Configure the Windows Client App 

1) Install the EngagePHD Windows Client app as normal, shown here: https://knowledgebase.engagephd.com/article/player-setup-windows-players
2) Once installed, edit the base.props file in Notepad to add a line: Screens=0,1920,3840,4920 as shown below:
3) Save the notepad and close.
4) Launch the application and you will see the following pop up where you will enter the DeviceID’s for each Player (screen), but note that these are unique and will be different for each Screen and each Location you set up:
5) Once you’ve set those you will then be able to Schedule Content to each desired Player (Screen).
Updated on June 30, 2022

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