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Creating Screen On/Off Triggers without Logging into EngagePHD

The following steps allow you to create parameters based URLs that can be used to turn your screens on/off. Anyone with these links can perform these actions and do not need to login into the software.

Please note: To create the following URLs, the network ID for your account will need to be provided by the EngagePHD support team.

Click here to contact our team

Create a Player Group

You will need to add your Player(s) to a group for the on/off URLs to work.

1. From Players on the main navigation, click on Groups.

2. Click on the ‘Create New‘ button to create a new group.

3. Name your group, then check the boxes next to the Players you would like to add:

4. Save your Group.

5. From the Groups main page, make note of the Group ID:

Create the URLs

Copy the following URL and replace the highlighted with your unique numbers:


  • XXX-XXX – This is the access code specific to your network. This is the code that you will need to obtain from our support team
  • XXX – This is the Group ID from step 5 above.
  • -100 – Turns screens ON
  • -101 – Turns screen OFF


Example URLs: 

Turn Screens ON – https://uploads.engagephd.com/Interrupts/ChangeMultiple?accessCode=XXX-XXX&groupIds=XX&pages=-100

Turn Screens OFF – https://uploads.engagephd.com/Interrupts/ChangeMultiple?accessCode=XXX-XXX&groupIds=XX&pages=-101




Updated on May 5, 2022

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