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How Do I Set Up Additional Attributes for Dietary Icons (Spreadsheet Integration)

When using Spreadsheet Integration to create your menu Product inventory, dietary icons can be displayed on your menu by setting up Additional Attributes for each icon. When set up correct, dietary icons can be enabled/disabled from either the product spreadsheet or editing the Product Detail directly from the Products Library. The steps below will walk through creating Icon Attributes for your Products.

You will need to have the latest dietary icons in PNG format before creating Icon Attributes in EngagePHD.

It recommended that the icon files are created at 50×50 pixels and PNG format.

For steps on nutritional information, such as calories, to your menus, please see: Adding Nutritional Information to Menu Layouts

Upload the Dietary Icons

Before creating your icon Attributes, you will need to upload your dietary icons to the Assets Library.

1) From the main navigation, click on the ‘Assets‘ icon:

2) Click on the ‘Upload Media’ tab:

3) Drag and drop your icons into the upload box, or click on the box to locate the files on your computer:

Creating Additional Attributes for the Icons

1) From the main navigation, click on the ‘Products’ icon:

2) From the Products menu, click on ‘Attributes’:

2) Click on the ‘Create New’ button:

3) Type the name of the icon attribute in the Name field. Depending on the icons you are using, you must type the name as they are showing below:

  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan
  • Eat Well
  • Whole Grains
  • Get the Good Stuff
  • Halal
  • No Dairy
  • Cool Food Meal
  • No Gluten


4) Set the Type dropdown to Yes/No:

5) Click ‘Edit’ on the Image option and select the icon file from your Assets:

6) Click ‘Save’ to save the icon attribute.

7) Repeat this process to create all the icons you need.

Viewing Icon Attributes from the Product Library

Once you’ve created your icon attributes, you can confirm that they look correct by going to your Products, then click on a product to open and view its Product Detail page:


Enabling Icon Images from the Spreadsheet

1) From the Products page, click on the ‘Upload or Download Products‘ tab at the top of the page:

2) Click on the ‘Download‘ button and save the spreadsheet to your computer:

3) Open the spreadsheet on your computer and enable editing. Scroll to the right of the spreadsheet and identify the icon columns (Eat Well, Gluten Free, Halal, Plant Forward, Vegan, etc..). Add a “1” to enable the icon for each product, as needed:

4) When done, save the spreadsheet and upload it back to the ‘Upload or Download Products‘ tab by clicking on the upload box, or dragging and dropping the file into the upload box:


4) Alternatively, you can also click on products directly from the Products page and check the boxes for icons you want enabled. Click ‘Save‘ when done:

Adding Attribute Images to Product Tables in Layouts

To ensure that your dietary icon attributes show on your Layouts designs, you will need to add the Image Attribute to the Product Table in your Layouts.

1) From the main navigation, click on the Layouts icon and go to ‘All Layouts‘:

2) From the Layouts page, click on the ‘Designer’ icon for the Layout you would like to edit:

3) From the Layout Designer, double-click on the Product Table you would like to add your icon attributes to:

4) The Product Table will open in a popup window. Click on the Name cell to highlight it in blue:

5) Use the Field dropdown to select the ‘Name Attribute Images‘ option:

6) Click the ‘Apply Table Cell‘ button to save the change:

7) Click ‘Apply‘ to close the Product Table:

8) The Layout Designer will automatically save your changes. Performing a Force Update from the Players section is recommend to download these changes. Please see: How Do I Force Update Players

Updated on August 22, 2023

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