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Using EngageAuto

EngageAuto is a setting within a Product Table that allows you to automatically pull products into a Layout by using a category and subcategories provided by supported point of sale integrations.

Categories and Subcategories

Product data is imported from the point of sale API which is added under Settings > Integration. Once the API credentials are active, product data should start importing to the Products section.

The Category and Subcategory columns will show as part of the product list. These will be used as part of the EngageAuto settings in your Layout designs:

Set Integration Dayparting

Categories must by added to the Integration tab in order for EngageAuto to work.

From the Settings > Integration tab you will need to add your product categories to the daypart fields. If you have categories for specific times of the day, you can add these under Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, Dinner; etc.. You can also adjust the times of the day to match your meal periods.

If you do not require specific dayparting, you can just add all categories to Breakfast and set the Start and End time to 12am – 11:59pm.

Click ‘Save‘ at the bottom of the Integration page to save your changes.

Enabling EngageAuto in a Product Table

1) Once a Product Table is added to a Layout, EngageAuto can be switched on. To create a new Product Table, click on the ‘Add Products Table‘ button from the Layout toolbar:


2) From the Product Table, change the Type setting to ‘EngageAuto’

3) Enter the Category. If you have dayparting set for specific times of the day (please see Set Integration Dayparting above) you do not need to include dashes or meal period. For example: Grill – Breakfast, Grill – Lunch; etc.. Simply add “Grill” to the ‘Type’ and the table will pull in products based on the dayparting times you’ve set.

4) If need, Subcategories can be Included or Excluded from the table. You can also adjust the way these are sorted. Multiple subcategories can be added separated by a comma (Entrees, Sides, Condiments; etc.).


Updated on March 25, 2022

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