Understanding the Product Table

From the navigation, click on ‘Layouts‘ > ‘All Layouts‘:

Each layout will have a ‘Designer’ option. This will take you to the Layout Designer:

Click on the ‘Add Products Table‘ icon to add a product table to your layout:

Product Table Properties

Table Cells

1) By default, the table will be added with the Name cell and the Price cell. If additional cells need to be added for additional attributes (Description, Calories, Medium Price, Large Price; etc.) the Add Row option under point 8. will add a new cell. When you click on a cell it will turn blue and you will see options to make changes to the various properties below.

2) The Field dropdown will allow you to assign various attributes to a cell. You notice that there are also a variety of formatting options from this dropdown as well.

3) Colum Span will define how many columns you would like a row to span. The Row Span defines how many rows a cell should span. Width with increase or decrease the width of the cell (you can also drag the edges of the internal sides of the cell table to increase/decrease the width of each cell).

Row and Cell Font Styles

4) Row Style will apply a Font Style to all cells in the row. Cell style will apply a style to just the cell you are working on (this is the most popular for applications where the styles should be different for the Name cell, Price cell; etc.).

5) Apply Table Cell must be clicked after you have made changes to a cell – this saves the changes made to the cell. Remove Cell will remove a cell from the table. Add Cell to Row will add a new cell to the row. Cancel will cancel any changes you’ve made (the process is the same when selecting ‘AddRow‘ – you will need to click on the cell and use the Field to select an attribute).

Adding a Cell to the Row:


Product Scroll and Page Options

Product/Event Table Scroll or Page options can help with excess products/events that won’t fit into the size of the zone.

Enable Text Scrolling

1) Double click on your Product or Event Table to open the table properties.

2) From the ‘Scroll Type‘ dropdown, select ‘Scroll’.

3) Use the Seconds to adjust the speed of the scroll (1-100)

3) Click ‘Apply‘ to save and see changes.


Enable Rotating Pages of Text

1) Double click on your Product or Event Table to open the table properties.

2) Use the ‘Per Page‘ to indicate how many products/events you would like to display on the screen before moving on to the next page.

3) The ‘Seconds‘ allow you to adjust the speed of each page (1-100).

Row Spacing

6) Row Spacing will allow you to add space in between each row. Any number above 0 will increase the space (click ‘Apply‘ to save). This is popular for spacing products apart to fill in empty space on a menu layout.

7) TypeCatalogCategory and Subcategory are only application when Product Integration is active.

8) ‘Apply’ will close the properties window. Add Row’ will add a new row to the table. ‘Add Product‘ will open the Product Database where you can add products to your product table.

Adding Space Between Product Lines

Add Spacer and Text’ will add an empty space for placement in between products, you can also type text in the spacer fields when you need to add quick text.

Adding Products to the Product Table

1) To add products, double-click anywhere in the zone with your products.
​2) Click on the ‘Add Product‘ button and check the box for the products you want to add.
3) Click ‘Apply‘ to add the products to your table.

4) Click ‘Apply‘ to save and close the window when done.

Updated on December 18, 2021

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