LG Hospitality Supported Hardware (HCAP)

SMART HOSPITAL TV LINE (recommended model): These TV’s include the WebOS platform for SI System use,  IPTV function, Wi-Fi, Pro:Centric Direct and smart features. The UV770M include bLan and the LW760M do not.

o   55UV770M : current

o   49UV770M : current

o   43UV770M : current

o   32LV760M : current

o   28LV760M : current (90 Day Lead Time)

o   24LV760M : current (90 Day Lead Time)

o   15LU766A : current (LG Smart ARM TV, works with select PDI and RCA ARMs along with PDI power supplies)

o   49UT570H0UA

o   55UT570H0UA


The key differences between the Commercial Digital Signage WebOS (SCAP) and the Hospitality WebOS (HCAP) are as follows:
  • HCAP does not support On/Off scheduling via the EngagePHD web application.
  • HCAP does not have any ‘onboard’ storage.  The content is cached, but if the screen is turned off/on again then the screen will have to pull the content from our web-servers again.  If ever required, we can provide an edge server to sit on the LAN which will download all of the content from our web-servers and distribute over the LAN to all the HCAP screens.  This might be more efficient if there are lots of HCAP screens running the same content in particular.
  • HCAP doesn’t allow us to remotely update the screen’s firmware from our web application.
  • HCAP doesn’t allow us to take screenshots.
Updated on June 3, 2021

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