Player Setup: ChromeOS

The following are steps for using the EngagPHD app from the Google Web Store and installing the app on a ChromeBox device.

ChromeBox Setup
  1. Enter wireless info
  2. Type CONTROL+ALT+K to put the device in kiosk mode. It will ask you if it can auto start.
  3. Sign in chrome pinghd account
  4. Go to chrome://extensions, enable developer
  5. Add extension:
  6. Manage Kiosk applications
  7. Enter above URL as kiosk
  8. Then mouse over and enable auto login.
  9. Enter Player Id and then select Engage PHD (production server) or dev
  10. If you need to switch to dev or production or change Player  Id, click on the screen and press 1 to get back to the setup screen.
When it restarts it will confirm you want to auto start the app. After that it will then auto start the app without a login. Note the only way to get out of it is to hit Control + Alt + S when you see that message. Otherwise you are in the app.

Do not check “Permanently keep this device in kiosk mode” – You’ll have to rebuild the chromebox with a fresh load of ChromeOS. Steps to this are unknown at this time.

You can hit Control+Alt+S while you see app start up. Only this time range you can get out of kiosk mode
Updated on July 29, 2019

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