Player Setup: Sony

The following are steps to install the EngagePHD app on Sony displays. You will need to first download the EngagePHD APK file to your computer and load the file on a USB thumb drive:

1) Plug the thumb drive into the USB port on the display.

2) Using the IR Remote, press Info+ > Mute > Volume+ > HOME (if the remote does not have an Info button: Display > Mute > Volume+ > HOME) to open the Pro Settings menu.

3) Select Install APK.

4) Select the EngagePHD.apk from the USB drive.

5) Select Install.

6) Go back to the Pro Settings menu and select Apps.

7) Select EngagePHD.

8) Select Enable.

9) Back at the Pro Settings menu, go to Actions > Start Pro Mode.

10) Under Related Functions, select Home Network.

11) Select IP control.

12) Select Authentication.

13) Enter the PreShared Key: 2114

14) From the Home screen, select TV to launch the app.

Updated on December 6, 2020

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