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Syncing Content: BrightSign Sync

Images and videos can be synced on on screens using BrightSign players. Nested playlist and playlist supported widgets are not supported. The follow steps walk through setting up BrightSign Sync.

For steps on setting up a Playlist of images or videos for your synced players, please see: Creating a Playlist to Schedule to your Players (Video)

Requirements for sync mode

  • Players should be hardwired on their own VLAN for sync to work. Wireless is not supported, but can work, no support will be provided.


Create a Sync Group for Players

1) From the navigation, click on the Players icon and click on ‘Groups’.

2) Click on the ‘Create New’ button to create a new Group:

3)  Add the following settings:

  • Name – Give your Group a name (i.e. Sync Group, as in the example below)
  • Players – Check the boxes next to the Players you want to add to the sync group


4) Click Save to save the Group settings.

Create Additional Attributes

You will need to create Additional Attributes that will accommodate the sync settings for the group.

1) From the Players page, click on one of your players.

2) Click on the ‘Add Attribute’ button at the bottom of the page:

3) Name the attribute ‘Master‘. Leave the Description blank. Click ‘OK‘ to save:


All players will now have the new Master attribute, but one player will use it as you assign the ‘Master’ player in the steps below.


Assign the ‘Master’ Player

One of the players will need to be assigned as the “master”, which the other players look at.

1) From the navigation, click on the Players icon > All Players.

2) Click on the player you would like to assign as the master (most use the first player in the list).

3) Under Additional Attributes add a ‘Y‘ to the Master field:

4) Click ‘Save‘.

Leave the Master setting blank under all the other players in the group.

Switch the BrightSign Playlist Mode

The BrightSign Playlist mode must be switched to Engage Timer from the Player Record.

1) From the main Players page, click on the player Description or Properties to open the Player Record.

2) Change the BrightSign Playlist to Engage Timer:

3) Click ‘Save‘ at the bottom of the page.

Write the Sync Data to the SD Card on the Players

After setting up the group and assigning the group master, you will need to write the data to the players’ SD Card. This is done using the BrighSign Autorun option from the Player Action.

This action be done from either the Player Record or to multiple players at once from the main Players page.

Player Action from the Player Record

1) Click on the Player.

2) Click on the Player Action button at the top of the page and select BrightSign Autorun:

Player Action from the main Players page

From the All Players main page, click on the Player Action button on the top right of the Player list (each player has a Player Action button, click on the one at the very top of inline buttons):

2) Click on each player that is part of the Sync group to highlight the player line in blue. Then click the ‘Process’ button at the top left of the list:

This will write the sync data to the players.

Basic Troubleshooting

Dark screens often indicate that the Players are out of sync, usually because the Master player has lost internet connection. Check the network connection and send a BrightSign Autorun to the players using the Player Action > BrightSign Autorun steps above.


Updated on August 3, 2020

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