Flowhub Integration

EngagePHD supports integration of  Flowhub POS system. The imported data maps to the Product database, where product data can be used to create a dynamic menu board layout. Data import is processed every 30 minutes at :00 and :30.

Below are the follow attributes that are imported with integration Flowhub:
  • Product Number
  • Description
  • Category
  • Catalog
  • Name
  • Sub Category
  • UOM
  • Weight
What if the Product Name or Descriptions from my POS system don’t look menu friendly? Can I change the Name and Description?    
  • The best option is to change the Product Name and Product Description in your POS System providing that doesn’t impact your cash resister receipt formatting.  If you cannot change these fields in your POS System then create two custom attributes in EngagePHD. Please see: How Do I Set Up Additional Attributes for Products.
  • When creating the custom attributes, you could call them; ‘Menu Friendly Name‘ and ‘Menu Friendly Description‘. You will then be able to map to these fields in your Layout and define whatever Name and Description you require.
Please Note

‘Grayed’ out fields in the EngagePHD product record on integrated products from your POS system are what gets imported and updated from your POS system every time the update is processed.

Updated on June 11, 2019

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