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Oracle Simphony Integration Setup

Our integration with Oracle Simphony is available to deliver three different use cases depending on what your objectives are.  Either or all three can be used within your EngagePHD™ network:

  • Digital Menu Board (Products): This works based on pulling product data from your Oracle Simphony platform into your EngagePHD™ network where you can use those products to design and schedule dynamic Digital Menu Boards content. Once set up, whenever price is changed in Oracle Simphony, your Digital Menu Boards will automatically update to reflect that change in price. In addition, if you flag a product to be ‘Sold Out’ in Oracle Simphony, this will trigger the ‘Enabled’ flag in EngagePHD™ to change and will subsequently automatically remove that product from your Digital Menu Board(s).
  • Order Confirmation: This is geared for use at the Drive-Thru where we can show in real-time details of the order as it is being placed by the customer. This will give visual verification that the order is being entered correctly and shows the customer the total cost of the order. A fully configurable widget allows this ‘Order Confirmation’ zone to be designed with maximum flexibility.
  • Order Status: This will allow you to show a list of Order #’s that are being prepared and a list of Order #’s that are ready for pick up. Once the customer has placed their order and given a receipt with their order number, they can stand back and out of the way of other customers wanting to place their orders and wait until there Order # is flagged as ready for pick up. Then that customer can go to the pickup zone to collect their order.

Set Up Instructions

  1. Download and extract the following zip file onto an Oracle Simphony terminal or a Windows PC that sits on the same LAN as the Oracle Simphony terminal(s); https://go.engagephd.com/EngageOrder.zip

Our recommendation would be c:\EngageOrder\

  1. Locate and open EngageImporter.exe.config in Notepad:

Simphony Settings

The highlighted items within the screenshot above need to be edited to include the applicable information which will be unique for each EngagePHD customer/Oracle Simphony set up.  Below are examples of what needs to be added to the EngageImporter.exe.config file:

  • Network Access code (Ping HD Support can provide you with this information):

<add key=”Access.Code” value=”251-X4w” />


  • Base Simphony2 URL. Ensure the IP address and port number are correct and use what is applicable to your Simphony terminal :

<add key=”Base” value=”” />


  • Group ID in EngagePHD to send the order details to (Ping HD Support can provide you with this information):

<add key=”Group.Id” value=”158″ />


  • Employee Number:

<add key=”EmployeeObjectNumber” value=”99” />


  • Revenue Center Object Number (This value will be the same value as used in the Revenue Center Number value):

<add key=”RVCObjectNumber” value=”4” />


  • Revenue Center Number:

<add key=”RevCenter” value=”4” />


  1. Once you have edited the above config file, there are three CMD files that need to be run to perform the required action(s):
  • For Digital Menu Board (Products), use: Simphony2_Products.cmd
  • For Order Confirmation, use: Simphony2_Order_Detail.cmd
  • For Order Status, use: Simphony2_Order_Status.cmd

For each of the 3 options you require, create a shortcut to the applicable .cmd file and place the shortcut in your Startup Folder.  To get to the startup folder, press ‘CTRL ALT DEL’ at the same time and bring up the Task Manager.  Then click on File and select ‘Run new task’ and in the ‘Open:’ box, type shell:startup and click OK.  Copy your shortcut(s) into this folder.



Make sure that from a web browser on the Simphony terminal that you can get a response from Transaction Services by using the following URL ensuring you substitute the IP Address/Port Number with what you have defined as the “Base” value in the setting above: This will confirm Transaction Services is running.

Often Workstation 0 is not assigned to any property and this will cause an error and will prevent the importer to work.  This must be set up in Simphony.  The screenshot below shows an example and where this is set, but if you need assistance, please contact Oracle support:

“Failed initialization. Workstation 0 not assigned to any property”


Creating Layouts in EngagePHD

Next we need to look at what you need to create the Layouts based on the three different scenarios:

  • Digital Menu Boards (Products)

This is simply a case of using the Layout Designer and adding Products to the Layout.  Refer to Understanding the Product Table.

  • Order Confirmation

Use the following widget available from the store:

This widget does not have to be used Fullscreen and can be a zone placed anywhere in the Layout.

  • Order Status

Refer to https://knowledgebase.engagephd.com/article/using-the-self-ordering-widget-with-transact/



Updated on June 28, 2022

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