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How Do I Add a New Products to the Product Library

Products can be added to the Product Library either one by one or through a product spreadsheet. To upload multiple products as a spreadsheet, please see How I Upload Or Download Products From The Product Database.
New products can also be created by copying existing products. Both methods will be covered below.

Creating New Products with the ‘Create New’ Button

1) From the Product Library, click on the ‘Create New‘ button:
2) Add the data you need for the product.
3) Click ‘Save‘.

Copying a Product to Create a New Product

1) Click on the ‘Copy’ button at the bottom of the page.
2) The page will refresh. Replace the Product Name with the new product name and change any other attributes as needed.
3) Click ‘Save‘ when done.
4) You should now see the new product from the Product Library list.
To add products to your layouts, please see How Do I Add or Remove Products from the Product Table.
Updated on September 8, 2020

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