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How Do I Add a Video to a Playlist

Videos can be added to the Asset Library and then used in Playlists. Alternatively, assets can uploaded and added directly from the Playlist. Before uploading your videos to the software, we recommend using HandBrake Video Encoder below to re-encode your videos to the optimal format for playback on your Players . Please see instructions on how to use HandBrake here.

1) From the Home page, click on ‘Playlists’.

2) Create a new playlist by click on the ‘Creat New‘ button, or open an existing playlist:

3) If a video has already been added to the Asset Library, you can locate the file and drag and drop it in the playlist timeline at the bottom of the page:

4) If a video has not been uploaded, you can upload it from the ‘Upload Media’ tab:


5) Once the file has been uploaded, click back on the ‘Assets’ tab and locate your file and drag and drop the file into the playlist timeline at the bottom of the page.


Please note:

Depending on size and format, video files may need a few minutes for the system to encode to the optimized format. You will receive and email once the video is done processing.

Updated on May 18, 2019

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