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Default Asset for Playlists

If you have content in a Playlist that is schedule to stop showing, or all content has been removed from the playlist timeline, you can assign a specific Asset as a “default” when no other content is scheduled to show.

For this feature to work you will need the ID of the Asset you want to use.

To Find the Asset ID

1) Go to your ‘Assets
2) Locate and click on the asset you want to use as your default
3) Copy the ID after the ‘Media Detail‘:


Set the Default Asset from Settings

1) From the main navigation, go to ‘Settings
2) Paste the Asset ID in the ‘Default playlist asset id‘ field
3) Click ‘Save
When no other assets are schedule to play in the playlist, or all assets are removed, the Default Asset you assigned will take over.
Updated on December 20, 2021

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