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How Do I Adjust the Timing of Images in a Playlist

By default, images are added to a playlist to play for 10 seconds before moving on the next asset. This timing can be changed for each individual asset by clicking on the properties icon for each asset. You can also change the default time for all image assets added to a playlist by adjusting the ‘Default Playlist Seconds for Images’ setting from the Network Properties.

Only users with Admin access can make changes to this setting.

Please note that videos will have a set duration. This cannot be change with the steps below, the video duration will need to be edited outside of the EngagePHD software.

1) To change the timing of an image, click on the Properties icon:

2) Change the seconds as needed and click ‘Apply‘ to save:


3) The playlist will automatically save your changes and update on the player(s) the next time they perform a health check.


Updated on October 3, 2019

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