Navigating EngagePHD 

Select a section of the Home Dashboard to explore.

The Main Navigation

The main navigation allows you to manage your content under different sections of the software. Depending on the type of content you are managing for your digital signage, you may only use a couple of the icons on the navigation.

Click on each section to learn more. 


This is where you add Player records, perform updates and check network status. This also where you can add player Groups, which allow you to build custom Groups and then perform a Player Action for that Group so that all players within that Group can be updated based on the Player Action performed at once.

IPTV Encoders

We have launched our own IPTV encoding hardware and provided a device configuration interface within our EngagePHD™ web application. We remain encoder agnostic providing we can see a UDP/RTP stream across the LAN.


This is where all of your Assets are stored and uploaded. This includes images, videos and fonts.


This is where you can create Playlists or edit existing Playlists. You can also define unique Asset playback attributes within this option.


This is where you design your Layouts using the Layout Designer, set the properties, and preview the menu.


This is where you can build touchscreen or other interactive applications based around designs you create in Photoshop or another design software.


This is where your Product database resides. This is used if your application for Digital Signage is Digital Menu Boards, although some users make good use Products for other applications.


This is used where displays are being used for Room Signage or Wayfinding where you want to summarize events that are going on in specific rooms or areas. An Event can be created with a Start Date/Time and an End Date/Time, details of the Event and custom images/logos attached to the Event.


The Advertising Module has been designed to allow users to manage advertising content/networks in a more advanced manner than just using a standard Playlist. Users can define rules relating to Playlist length/number of Assets and schedule Advertising Campaigns based on slot availability and location by Advertising Group or distance by geo location.


With appropriate access rights, you can add additional Users, define which Customers or Networks the User can access or make changes to existing Users.


The EngagePHD Store offers a wide range of free and paid content, such as JPEG and PNG files, widgets, and pre-designed Layout templates.


Reports allow you to run reports for various data for Players, Licenses; etc..


Within the Network properties you define the default attributes of the Network. This is where you can also subscribe to automated email alerts, adjust event and product integration settings.

Quick Access Shortcuts

The quick access status bar shows various section of the software and their status. The ‘View All’ link under each section will take you to that section of the software.

Alcohol Action Enable/Disable

The Alcohol Action is a feature that allows Users to manually enable/disable or schedule alcohol based products from Digital Menu Board type Layouts on demand. This is especially useful during an event when the sale of alcohol ends, but you don’t know the exact time that will happen, e.g. at the bottom of the 7th inning in baseball where it is hard to predict a fixed time, so this function allows alcohol to be removed within seconds.

Learn More about using the Alcohol Action

Player Licenses and Quick View

This section of the home dashboard provides a glance at active player license that have been assigned to Players, or not used and ready to be assigned. Clicking on ‘+ Add Player’ will allow you to assign an available license to one of your Players. 

From the ‘Players’ section, you can flag favorite Players to show on your Home Dashboard. 

Help Menu

  • Tickets – Tickets allow you to submit any software related questions or concerns to the EngagePHD Support Team.
  • Contact – This is where you can find the contact information for our 24/7/365 support team.
  • Knowledge Base – This is where you are now!
  • EngagePHD News – This section will have release notes about the latest server updates and special announcements.
  • Uptime – Shows the status of the EngagePHD servers.

Account Settings

This is where you can update your user profile by selecting the language in which you prefer to use the EngagePHD software (English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish), the time zone in which you are located and where you can change your password. You’ll also find customization options that will allow you as user to define how you want to view Playlists and Assets by default, Thumbnails vs. List view.

Two Form Mode for Email or SMS authentication

After 60 days the system will prompt you to change your password, you may also run into situations where you forgot your password. By default, the software sends notifications and reset passwords to email. Some users report these emails as being filter by their spam. If you have trouble receiving emails from, we recommend turning on Two Form Authentication using SMS.