EngagePHD Supported Media Players & Setup

Select the model of player that you have for instructions on how to connect the player to the EngagePHD software. 

Adding or Renewing Licenses on your Network

To add new licenses to your network, you can click on the ‘Buy Licenses‘ button from the Home Dashboard:

This will take you to our contact page where you can fill out the support form with details of your license needs. If you purchased licenses from an EngagePHD partner, you will be shown the contact information for your representative.

If you have already purchased licenses and need to add Players, you will see an ‘Add Player‘ button:

Expiring Licenses

Yon can see when a Player license expires by click on ‘Players‘ > ‘All Players‘ from the navigation:

Click on a Player to open the Player Record. The ‘License Expires‘ will indicate the date that this license expires:

Common Media Player Troubleshooting

Player Type

Common Troubleshooting Steps