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Android ‘Sneaker Net’

Android ‘Sneaker Net’ is a Windows application where you can download an Application and manually copy to an SD card which can then be inserted into compatible Android Screens where a Internet connection is not available.  The Application can be downloaded from: https://go.engagephd.com/EngagePHDAppDownloader.exe 

1) Once downloaded, the windows EngageAppDownloader app will prompt for a player Device ID and type (Android) and then it will download all files: 

2) Click ‘Download‘ to collect files:

3) A folder will be created on your desktop, the name of the folder will be the Device ID.

4) The folder can be zipped and moved to SD card for transfer to the Android screen EngagePhd folder (note case matters and must be EngagePhd).


Updated on January 27, 2020

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