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Countdown Timer Widget

The Countdown Widget is a simple tool to show a countdown clock on your signage.

1) To start using the Countdown Widget, click on the Store icon from the navigation:

2) Search for “Countdown” from the Store search bar. Then click ‘Next‘ on the Countdown Timer:

3) Click the ‘Add to my Network‘ button to add the widget to your Assets Library:

4) Go to your Layouts and open the Designer. From the Layout Designer toolbar, click on the ‘Add Widget‘ icon:

5) Click on the the ‘Countdown Timer‘ widget from your Assets:

6) This will add the widget to your Layout. Click on the Properties icon on the widget to edit the widget:

7) There are two ways to start a countdown: Add a date, or add Hours, Minutes, Seconds. To start the timer with a date, add the date with the MM/DD/YY format:

8) Click on the ‘Styling‘ setting to open the Style Library:

9) From the Style Library, select an existing style, or create a new style by clicking on the ‘Create New‘ button:

10) When creating a new Style, name your style, add a Font, Font Size, and Color as needed. Click “Ok” when done:


11) Click ‘Select‘ on the Style you want to add to your widget:

12) Click ‘Save’ to save the widget properties and view your countdown:

Alternatively, you can use the Hours, Minutes, Seconds to start your countdown instead of using the date:

This is what the formatting will look like once you save the widget:

Updated on February 1, 2023

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