Image Scroller Widget

The Image Scroller Widget allows you to select photos from your Assets to scroll within a Layout. This widget is also very useful for touchscreens, where arrows allow the user to scroll back or forward between photos.

To use the Image Scroller, you will need to first add it to your network from the EngagePHD Store on your navigation:

Search for “Image Scroller” and then add the widget to your network.

1. From your Layouts, open the Designer and click on the ‘Add Widget‘ icon from the toolbar:

2. Once the widget has been added to your layout, click on the properties icon to open the widget settings:

  • Style for Arrow (only works with touchscreens)- Select a font style you would like to use for your arrows
  • Set of Images – Opens the Asset Library where you can select existing Assets, or upload new Assets from the ‘Upload Media’ tab. Select images, then click ‘Process‘:

  • Seconds in a cycle – This allows you to control how fast the images rotate in seconds


Updated on May 2, 2022

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