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The Instagram Widget allows you to connect an Instagram account and display photos, videos and text from that account. Please note, you will need to first login to your Instagram account to allow the widget to connect to your account in the steps below.

First, in your browser, login to your Instagram account at

From the EngagePHD software website (

1) Click on the Store icon on the site navigation and search for “Instagram“.

2) Click on the ‘Next‘ button and ‘Add to my Network‘ to add the widget to your Asset Library.

3) Open or create a new Layout.

4) Use the ‘Add Widget‘ icon on the toolbar to open the Assets and select the Instagram widget:

5) Click on the gear icon to open the widget properties:

6) At the top of the widget properties, click on the grant access and obtain an access token link. This will open a new tab in your browser where you will have the option to connect your Instagram account and obtain a token:

7) Once the account is connect, a token code will be generated. Copy this code:

8) Go back to the tab in your browser where you have the Layout Designer open. Paste the token code into the Token field in the widget properties. Use the other properties to set up your widget:

  • Access Token – The code that was generated when you connected your Instagram account (see step 6 above).
  • Grid Interval time in seconds – How quickly the grid changes.
  • How many videos play at a time – How many videos should play at one time.
  • Image rotate time in seconds – How quickly the images rotate.
  • Number of columns – Number of columns you want to display.
  • Number of rows – Number of rows you want to display.
  • Play Videos – Yes or No
  • Scale to Fit – Yes or No
  • Style for Text Overlay – Opens the Style Library to create a new style or select an existing style.
  • Text Overlay – Whether or not you would like to display the text from the post.


9) Click ‘Save‘ when done. The widget should start playing content based on the token and the parameters you defined in the widget settings.



Updated on February 20, 2022

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