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How Do I Create a Default Theme

Themes can be created to allow quick layout changes or setup of recurring schedules on your players.
Why is a Default Theme used? 
A Default Theme can be assigned to a layout that you wish a player to default to when no content is scheduled. When using the Schedule to deploy content to your player(s), you have the option for the Default Theme to play once a schedule ends:

You will first need to create a theme and add it to the Properties of your layout(s). You will then need to assign the layouts to your players.

Once your theme is created it can be used as a Default Theme from a Player Record and used in a Schedule.

1) From the Home page, click on the ‘Layouts‘ icon.
2) Click on the ‘Properties‘ icon for your layout:

3) Use the ‘Theme‘ drop-down to select a theme you have already created, or create a new theme by selecting ‘Other’ and give your theme a name:

4) Once your layouts have a theme, click on the ‘Players‘ icon from the Home page.
5) Click on the player from the list and click on the ‘Layouts‘ tab. From here you can add your layouts one and a time from the drop-down, then click on the ‘Add Menu‘ button:

6) Click back on the ‘Player‘ tab and set the Default Theme to the theme you would like to use as the default. This can be used during the Schedule process as a Default Theme can be selected as an action once a schedule ends.

7) Repeat the process for any additional players.
For steps on how to change your Themes from the Players page, please see: How Do I Change The Theme On My Players
Updated on December 4, 2019

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