How Do I Change the Theme on my Players

Layout Themes allow you to add a theme to your layouts, add those layouts to your players, and then use the global Player Action button to switch between your themes.
Before you can use the Theme action, you will need to create themes for your layouts and then add those layouts to your players. Please see: How Do I Create Themes 


1) Click on ‘Players’ from the Home page:


2) Click on the global  ‘Player Action’ button at the top right of the page and select “Theme“:

3) If you need to change the theme for all players, click on the ‘Select All‘ option at the top right of the players view:

4) Otherwise, select only the players you need by click on the player line. Each line will turn blue as you click on it.

5) Click on the ‘Theme‘ drop down to select your theme, then click ‘Process‘:

6) The “Content” column will show you which theme each player is on:


You can also schedule a Theme change by using the Schedule icon from the Home page.

Updated on May 28, 2019

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