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How Do I Set Up and Modify a Screen Management Schedule

Screen Management allows you to create an automatic schedule to turn screens On and Off daily from the software. This puts the screen in a low power state, but keeps the player powered on in case any updates are needed. The players will also perform Health Checks during this time and will show players as online from the Players page.

If you require your screens to be off during extended periods of time, please see: Understanding the On/Off Calendar

​1) ​From the navigation, click on ‘​Players​’​.
2) ​Click on the global ​​’Player Action‘​ button and select ​​’Screen Management‘​.​
​3) You can ‘Select All‘ to select all players, or click on each line to select individual players. Players will highlight in blue once selected.
4) Set the times you want the screens to go Off and On. Click ‘Process‘ when done.
5) It is recommended that you perform a Force Update to all screens where you have set up a Screen Management schedule.

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Once the Screen Management schedule has been scheduled to your players you can remove the schedule from all or some of your players, repeat the process but leave the schedule blank. You can also modify the schedule from individual players by clicking on the player from the Players list, then clicking the ‘Screen Management’ tab:

A screen management schedule is highly recommended to help prolong the life of the hardware.

When using screen management on SSP or WebOS screens, do not use the remote to power screens on and off when the screen management schedule is active. This may inadvertently power the screen completely off and it will disconnect from​

Updated on July 20, 2021

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