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Self Service Ordering (Self Service App)

The Self Service Ordering Widget is customer facing and uses product data you’ve added to the Product Library to create an interactive self-service application.



Add Images to the Asset Library

These images will be used to represent the products and categories the customer will view in the app.

1) From the EngagePHD Store, search for ‘Self Service Ordering’ and click ‘Next’ to add to your Asset Library.

2) Upload images you would like to use for each product to the Asset Library.


Add Products to the Product Library

1) Products need to be added to your Product Library by clicking on the ‘Products’ icon from the Home page. Click here for steps on adding new products to the Product Library.

Give each product a NameCategory (this should be the same for all products in the group) and Price.

2) Attach the image you uploaded to the Asset library by clicking on the ‘Image’ option from the Product Detail:

3) If you would like to group your products into categories where the user would have to select a category first, create a Product that has the same Name and Category. Add an image to Category products if you would like an image to show on the Category view:

4) Click ‘Save’ after making any changes to each Product.



Create a Survey with Your Order Framework

1) Click on the ‘Surveys‘ icon from the navigation:

2) Click on the ‘Create New‘ button.

3) Name your survey and add the data you will need when the user fills out their order details:

4) Click ‘Save‘ when done.


Add the Widget to the Layout

1) Create new layout or open the ‘Designer’ for the layout you would like to add the Self Service App.

2) From the Designer, click on the ‘Add Widget’ icon from the Toolbar and select the Self Service App widget from the Asset Library:

3) The widget zone will flash in orange a couple of times at the top left corner of the layout. Click on the Properties icon to open the widget settings:

  • Category Image Height – This will adjust the Height of the Category Images.
  • Category Image Width – This will adjust the Width of the Category Images.
  • Category View – You can turn off the category view to list all products alphabetically instead (Y = Yes, N = No).
  • Product Image Height – This will adjust the Height of the Product Image.
  • Product Image Width – This will adjust the Width of the Product Image.
  • Select a Style for each of the text options. To remain consistent, one style can be used for all.
  • Tax – Enter the sales tax to be include in the order total at the end of the order.
  • Timeout – A timeout can be set for the app to reset back to the main page or Categories page after the number of seconds you define.


4) Click ‘Save’ when done and the app should automatically populate based on the settings you provided. You will be able to click on the images and go through the app options just as the user would on the touch screen:

Updated on January 14, 2020

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