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Device ID / Engage Channel ID

Depending on the type of player you are installing the EngagePHD software on, you will need to use the Device ID or Channel ID to connect your player during the setup process.

To locate the Device ID or Engage Channel ID for your Player:

1) Go to Players on the main navigation.

2) There will be a column for both the Device ID and Engage Channel ID:

Smart Displays

External Players

  • BrightSign – BrightSign players are the only supported player that does not require the Device ID or Engage Channel ID. During setup, the ‘Add Brightsign Player‘ button will be used.
  • Windows Players – Use the Device ID
  • Android – Use the Device ID
  • IADea – Use the Device ID
  • Philips – Use the Device ID
  • Sharp – Use the Device ID
  • Panasonic – Use the Device ID
Updated on March 30, 2022

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