Nested Playlists

Nested playlists are playlists that can be play within another playlist. This allows for separation of more than one playlist that might be specific to individual Player(s).

Location Based Playlists might also be a good option when using a single Layout for multiple Players. ‘Locations’ are used to define specific locations, which are then used in the Playlists you create and assigned to each Player.

The Advertising module might also be good option for playlist that need to be sorted by location (i.e. Local, Regional, National). The Advertising Module has been designed to allow users to manage advertising content/networks in a more advanced manner than just using a standard Playlist. Users can define rules relating to Playlist length/number of Assets and schedule Advertising Campaigns based on slot availability and location by Advertising Group or distance by geo location.

Enhanced User Roles is another example of how a nested playlist might be used. You might want only specific users to access and manage certain playlist, but those playlist can be added to a Nested Playlist by a network Admin user.

Setup for Nested Playlists is divided into the following section examples:

  • Playlists
  • Layouts with playlists
  • ‘Master’ playlist with Nested Layouts added


1) From the Home page, click on ‘Playlists’.

2) Create as many playlists as need from the ‘Playlist’ section and add content to each playlist. Here’s an example of playlists that might be managed at the Corporate, Local and Regional level.

3) A “Master” playlist can be created to contain on others, or just add nested playlists to any playlist as needed.

4) Click on the ‘Playlist‘ tab within any playlist.

5) Drag and drop the playlist(s) down to the timeline:


Nested Playlist Mode

​A flag ​is available from the properties of Nested Playlists that have been added to a Master Playlist. ​​This control​s​ the sequence in which the Assets within a Nested Playlist are played back.

Default will show all the Assets in the Nested ​​Playlist inline, one after another and once finished will then play the next asset within the Master Playlist.​​ 
Round Robin, One per Loop will show the first Asset of the Nested Playlist, then continue playing the Assets of the Master Playlist until it has looped around to the Nested Playlist again, at which point it will then play the second Asset of the Nested Playlist then back to the Master Playlist and so on​.​



Linear Playlists and Nested Playlists Explained


This represents a ‘Linear’ or Standard Playlist:

(Then Loop)

This represents a Nested Playlist (no different than a Linear Playlist when used standalone):

(Then Loop)


Current Functionality for ‘Linear’ Playlist when Default, ​​play inline is active, this is how playback would look:

This is how it looks in the Playlist timeline.

And this is how it plays back currently.


When Round Robin, One per Loop is selected, this is how playback would look:


Scheduling Your Playlist

Use the Schedule from the ‘Playlists’ navigation to schedule your playlist to your Player(s):

  1. Click on the ‘Schedule‘ icon from the Home page.
  2. From the dropdown menu (Layout is Default) select ‘Playlist’.
  3. Pick out the Playlist you want to Schedule and click ‘Next’.
  4. Pick out the Player(s) you want to Schedule the Playlist and click Next.
  5. Select ‘Schedule Now‘ or ‘Select Date/Time‘ if you want to Schedule this Playlist to playback at any time in the future.
  6. Create the schedule of when you would like content to start playing and when you would like content to end. Content to show on end allows you to select the action the player(s) should take when the schedule hits the End Date and Time.


Updated on June 24, 2019

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