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Wellness Kiosk Software Content and Application Setup

Applications Setup in EngagePHD Software

The ‘Applications‘ section of the software will be used to set up your content Pages. The following Pages must be created and named exactly for the kiosk to automatically change with sensor readings. You can copy each of these descriptions and paste them into the Page settings as your create each Page:

  • Home Page
  • Auto High Temperature
  • Auto OK Temperature
  • Low Temp Recheck
  • Please Hold Still
  • Please stand on correct line

What do I need to create and name Pages in this way? 

Home Page – This is the default page that will show on the screen when no one is using the Kiosk. This could be a static image, video or a playlist of images and/or videos.

Auto High Temperature – This page shows when the sensor indicates a high temperature reading. The page will show the temperature on the screen. You can also add messaging as to what the user should do next (i.e. see a service representative to confirm temperature)

Auto OK Temperature – This page shows when the sensor reads a normal temperature. The page will show the temperature on the screen. You could also have an additional thank you text or graphic, indicating next steps (i.e. “Please sanitize your hands and use provided PPE below).

Low Temp Recheck – This page will show when the sensor needs to retake a temperature.

Please Hold Still – This page will show if the user moves and needs to hold still for an accurate scan. 

Please stand on correct line – A marker should be set a few feet away from the base of the kiosk. You can test this by taking a sample reading; this will indicate a good place to set a marker on the floor where users can stand to receive an accurate reading. 

The following steps will walk you through setting up the Application, which is has three main components:

  • Templates 
  • Pages 
  • Application Settings

For the Pages section covered below, you will find links to pre-built Layouts from the EngagePHD store. Follow the steps to add the Layouts to your network, covert the Layouts to Pages, and replace the default content with your own.

Create a Blank Template

A template must be used for the Kiosk Application to work.
1) From the Applications section of the software, click on the ‘Create New’ button under Templates:
2) Add “Blank” in the Name field.
3) Set the Width to 1080 and the Height to 1920.


4) Save the template.

Adding Page Layouts from the Store to Build Pages

Pre-built Wellness Kiosk Layouts can be added from the Store and converted to Pages for your Application. This will save time and ensure that all zone triggers are set correctly within the Layout Designer. Below are direct links to pre-built Wellness Kiosk Layouts:

Click ‘Add to my Network’ to add each layout to the Layouts section of your network.

DO NOT CHANGE THE NAME OF THESE LAYOUTS. The kiosk uses the name of the layout ​for understanding the correct content to show on the screen when a temperature reading is taken.

Convert Layouts to Application Pages

After each Page Layout is added to your network, you will find these pages under the Layouts section.

1) Click on Layouts > All Layouts.

2) Click on the Properties icon and click ‘Convert to Application Page’ button:

3) A prompt will appear: “Are you sure you want to do this?” Click ‘OK‘.

4) This will take you to a page where you can set up the Page properties. Ensure that the follow attributes are added:

  • Set the Template to Blank
  • Set the Timeout Mode to Application Default
  • Set the Timeout to 10 seconds

5) Click ‘Save‘.

6) Repeat these steps for the rest of the Layouts above.

Edit the Content to each Page using the Page Designer

If you would like to replace the default background of these pages with your own 1080×1920 design (jpeg, png, MP4 video), click on the ‘Description’ of the Page or use the ‘Designer’ button on the right hand side of each line to open the Page Designer:


Add Backgrounds/Images

1) From the Designer, right-click on the background image with your mouse. This opens the Asset Library where you can upload and add your own image.

  • Use the ‘Upload Media’ tab to upload your own 1080×1920 jpeg or png image background.
  • Or add pre-built Wellness Kiosk images or videos from the Store.

Any changes you make to the Page Designer will automatically save.

Go back to the Applications section to make changes to your other Pages.


Identify and Maintain the Trigger Zones within the Pages

the Auto High and Auto OK Temperature pages will have zones where triggers are set. These zones display the temperature number when a temperature is taken. Please do not delete these zones. If deleted from the layout, the temperature will not display correctly when taken.

You can, however, make changes to the font style of the text that will display in these zones.

1) Click in the trigger zone. A pop-up will appear above the zone.

2) Click on the ‘S‘ symbol to open the Font Styles library.

3) From here, you can edit the current style or create a new style by using the ‘Create New‘ button:

4) Click ‘Select‘ to apply any new styles to your trigger zone. You will not see the text change in the layout, this can only be seen and tested on the live kiosk.

Force Update the Player Following Content Changes

When making any content changes in Pages your changes will save automatically in the Designer. However, it is recommended that you send a Force Update to the player to download these changes to the kiosk.

1) From the navigation, click on ‘Players’.

2) From the Players page, click on the Player Action button to the right of the player line.

3) Select ‘Force Update‘.

If the player is online, the force update should take 30-60 seconds to download content to the player.





Updated on October 19, 2020

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