Digital Menu Boards

EngagePHD allows you to create your digital menus in a couple of ways. Each step is outlined below with specific guides for each section. What type of menu board content would you like to create?

Static Images

Static JPEG or PNG files can be added to Playlist and quickly Scheduled to your Players. 

Dynamic Layouts

The Product Library and Layouts allow you to create a fully editable, dynamic layout, which can then be Scheduled to your Players. 

Point of Sale Integration

EngagePHD supports a wide range of food & beverage and cannabis integrations.

Creating Menus Using Static Images

Step 1) Create Playlists

Step 2) Connect Playlist to Players

Once your Playlist have been created, you will need to use the Schedule under the Playlists menu to connect the Playlist to one of more of your Players. 

Creating Menus Using the Product Library & Layouts

Step 1) Create the Product Library

Step 3) Adding Products to Layouts

Once you’ve added your basic design elements, you can start building the Product Table, which allows you to add products to your menu from your Product Library.

Step 4) Connect Layouts to Players

The Schedule under the Layouts menu allows you to connect your Layouts to your Players to make them live right away, or at a future date and time.

Creating Menus Using Point of Sale Integration

Please contact your EngagePHD representative to find out more about integrating your point of sale with EngagePHD. Below is a list of support point of sale integrations for food and beverage and cannabis.

EngagePHD Supported Point of Sale Integrations

Point of Sale – General

  • Aramark Cafe
  • BRdata
  • BU
  • Bypass Mobile
  • Campus Dish (Aramark)
  • CKE
  • Menuworks (Compass)
  • Clover
  • Healthcare Dish (Aramark)
  • JSON
  • Menuworks (Compass)
  • NCR Quest
  • Omnivore
  • Oracle Simphony 1
  • Oracle Simphony 2
  • Oracle 9700 (Micros)
  • PAR Technology Group (Brink)
  • Qu (formerly Gusto)
  • QuickServe
  • Sola
  • SpotOn (formerly Appetize)
  • Square
  • US Beer Saver
  • TransAct POS
  • Upserve by Lightspeed
  • USB
  • Volante
  • XML (Generic/Custom End Points)

Point of Sale – Dispensary

  • Cova
  • Dutchie
  • Flowhub
  • Greenbits
  • Greenline
  • Jane
  • Leaf Logix
  • Omnivore
  • Techpos
  • THSuite
  • Treez